Smart, funny, Jewish-themed gear

Shofar blowers, you awaken our souls, you call us to do good, and so we salute the skillful way you pucker up and blow! The front slogan says “Shofar So Good” and on the back of selected t-shirts is the phrase “Such a Blast!”.

Calling all architects, contractors, woodworkers, gardeners, alfresco diners, nomads and other members of B.O.O.T.H.S. International, the Builders of Original Temporary Huts and Sukkot (a Charter Affiliate of the Jewish Carpenters League, naturally)! Have we got the emblem for you: An etrog-inspired, heart-shaped sun rises above a picturesque desert dotted with sukkot, beneath the phrase “Share the Lulav!”. The backs of selected t-shirts and bags say “Schach Happens”.

The United Apple Dippers & Honey Drippers are here to help you stick (oy!) to your New Year’s vows. The slogan says “L’Dor v’Dor/Jar to Jar,” because in every generation, we dip!

Also for Rosh Hashanah: International Federation of Shofar Blowers


With this design we tip our Jewnion Label hat to the invaluable menschen of the world. At the bottom are listed the qualities that define a mensch: Upright, Honorable, Decent. The slogan up top and on the back of selected items directs “Be One!” because, well, you should!

This design salutes challah bakers and lovers everywhere. The slogan, “My heart is in the yeast,” is a punny homage to Yahuda Halevi’s beloved poem My Heart is in the East. Rise up!

With this design we salute you Jewish outdoorsy types. Above an idyllic campsite is the phrase “How beautiful are your tents and campfires,” a reference to a phrase in the book of Numbers, “How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob.” Around the logo repeats the phrase, “Schlep, S’mores, Sleep, Repeat.” Isn’t that the essence of camping?

A salute to handy Jewish women! The phrase “Repairing the world one light bulb at a time” references Tikkun Olam, the imperative to repair the world, winking at those for whom bulb changing is a big deal.

You nailed your Torah portion, recited your drash, and wrote all your thank you notes (well, two out of three ain’t bad). Mazel tov, you are officially a member of the International Association of the B’Nei Mitzvah, and we are so proud of you!